Paroles Victorious Path de Battleroar

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  • Artiste: Battleroar5805
  • Chanson: Victorious Path
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Textes et Paroles de Victorious Path

Scanned bodies fall to the ground
A flash by the blade as the sword cuts the speed of the sound

And the titans shall scream and cry out
Valhallan warriors, masters of battle

We know our fate lies in the hands of the gods
Armed for battle, forces of fire and frost

Inside my dreams I have seen
My death, my glory and a life full of hatred

Trapped in a cage with my sword and my shield
Destiny calls so I'm flying away to the gods

Fight, We stand strong full of might
Victorious path we ride

Bearing the mark of destruction and triumph
Unchained and victorious we rise
Bursting the nightsky with red glowing metal
We march on the Road of the Light

Fight, We stand strong full of might
Victorious path we ride

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