Paroles Rip off the knob de Bellamy Brothers

Bellamy Brothers
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  • Chanson: Rip off the knob
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Textes et Paroles de Rip off the knob

Well If She's Drivin' You To Work Or You're Headin' To The Club
And You Hear That Special That You Both Really Love
You Pull Your Best Girl Close And Tell Her How Ya Feel
And Then You Kiss Her One Time So She Knows It's Really Real
And When The Music's That Good You Don't Even Have To Ask
Rip Off The Knob And Beat On The Dash

Well When You're Runnin' With Your Lover On A Saturday Night
You're Punchin' Buttons On The Dial 'cause It's Got To Be Right
You Got Your Car Shined Up And The Ragtop Down
You're Playin' Power Country While You're Cruisin' Thru Town
Yeah Your Baby's Lookin' Sexy, This Moment Has To Last
Rip Off The Knob And Beat On The Dash


Rip, Rip It Off
Rip, Rip
Rip It Off

Well When You're Parked At The Beach On A Near Perfect Night
And The Stage Has Been Set For A Party In The Moonlight
Well The Drums Begin To Pound And You're Dancin' With Your Friends
And You Don't Expect You're Ever Gonna Feel This Good Again
And Then The Dj Says "Call In To Win Some Cash"
Rip Off The Knob And Beat On The Dash

(Chorus 2X)

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