Paroles On Her Own de Ben Kweller

Ben Kweller
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  • Artiste: Ben Kweller4952
  • Chanson: On Her Own
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Textes et Paroles de On Her Own

Good Old Alexandra
Left her man last night
Off to Louisiana
New Orleans in sight
Her determination went right down to her bone
She is gonna make it on her own yea
Always been a rambler
Moving her whole life
Daddy was a gambler with a heavyhearted wife
The twilight wind blows her face
And that bronco engine moans
She is gonna make it on her own

That girl don't fake it
Give her rules shell break it
Shell love you on and on and shell be gone
Shes gonna make it on her own

Shes on her own yea
Mom lives down in Gretna working at the Oakwood mall
Hasn't seen her Alex since Katrina conquered all
She'll be in and out as fast as a hurricane is blown
She is gunna make it on her own


Babys on her own yea
Oh Alex
I fantasize about a love she never had for me
She wouldnt marry him cuz she just wants her liberty
In 50 years I bet you'll see these
Words on her grave stone
"Heres a girl who made it on her own"


She's gonna make it on her own

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