Paroles Bleakhouse de Benediction

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  • Artiste: Benediction4918
  • Chanson: Bleakhouse
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Textes et Paroles de Bleakhouse

Cut, dissected from within
Like clockwork run the cells
An unearthly silent din
A constant toll of bells
Mocking laughter evermore
No sight of a refrain
Waiting on my lonely quest
Asylum of the brain

The darkest caverns of my mind
Hold terrors so consuming
Look within and soon you'll find
Your psyche I'm subsuming
More than flesh and blood can bear
Ensnared within my brain
Eyes in fear, eyes in terror
Adversity is pain
Adversity is pain


Within the faculty of fools
Leering warders, intimidation
Playing games at all my rules
Is feeding their frustration

The blood inside my temples pulsing
While I'm locked away
Thoughts within my head convulsing
For the time my captors pay
Stop the torment, cut me loose
Unbind me from my chains
Before my eyes a veil of mist
Encompassing and grey

Once again
Momentarily free of pain

Stop the pain and rip me open
Tear out my tormentors
Release me from agony
Blinding my nerve centres
Only known emotions
Are the anger and the sadness
Overshadowed totally by
Unrevokable madness

Held inside this sterile box
My thoughts turn now to charnel
Fantasise, yet I remain
Still locked inside eternal
I'll not escape but I will wait
Patience will run true
Visitation you will see
This madness is in you

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