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Better Than Ezra
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  • Artiste: Better Than Ezra6136
  • Chanson: Under You
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Textes et Paroles de Under You

Along the edges, colors blur at seem familiar.
while you read your magazine,
i was counting all the markers.

and california seemed to draw you like a siren
from a postcard, or a letter, in a frame of film melting.

but under you, i hear your breath move in, out slowly.
under you, let go completely feeling you take over me.

a hollywood flat where we'd laugh about our fortunes
well we held jobs in this bar down at 3rd and san vicente.
and ramen noodles at 4:30 in the morning,
when we barely could survive, i was never more alive.

under you, i feel your blood flowing out slowly.
under you, let go completely feeling you take over me

you moved in slow degrees
a sudden memory
you're a leonard cohen song

but every now and then i'd swear i see you standing on a sidewalk, in a
restaurant, from a taxi cab passing.

under you i feel you moving in/out slowly
under you let go completely feeling you take over me.

take over me

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