Paroles Accapella 1 de Big L

Big L
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  • Artiste: Big L8195
  • Chanson: Accapella 1
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Textes et Paroles de Accapella 1

[Big L:]
I'm straight loco, to hell with you and your broke hoe
You ain't a big dog, you more like Toto, you got no dough
I smoke dro mixed with cocoa, strong as bolo
I pack a fo'-fo', platinum Ro'-Ro'
Anti-homo, that's a no-no so fuck po'-po'
I push the seven-fo'-oh and not the Volvo
C-Town push the six-oh-oh, I'm with a bitch on dolo
Chips from here to Acapulco
While y'all buck for legs I, buck for heads
I even buck celebs, nigga fuck the feds

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