Paroles Accapella 2 de Big L

Big L
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  • Artiste: Big L8195
  • Chanson: Accapella 2
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Textes et Paroles de Accapella 2

[Big L:]
Aiyyo; I heard your single, you better make a whole new song
If they said that shit is hot then they told you wrong
Clown niggaz, you ain't got a chance at all
Big L Corleone too advanced for y'all
I make moves and boss all across the world
So don't be upset if I toss your girl
I got cheddar to blow, pockets never get low
Bitches sweat me wherever I go
I cruise in a GS Lex', Cartier specs
Nautica sweats with the fresh Gortex
Jewels with baguettes, swingin like the Mets
Throwin the dice and takin all size bets
Never bummy; sip rummy, get money
When I hit honies you felt the dick in her tummy
On the le-low I see dough from here to Rio
Flamboyant Records, C to the E-O - what?

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