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Big Audio Dynamite
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  • Chanson: Sony
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Textes et Paroles de Sony

On the Ginza Strip the 100th building on the 100th floor
Dream team life enhancing behind the 100th door
Sukiyaki carried me to this place
Have to hari kari if ever I lose face

Western girls at Lexington Queen
Are the prettiest girls I've ever seen
I'd gladly part with hard earned Yen
Just so I could be with them

Chainsmoking at the Singalong Bar
Werged into the Subway Car
Heat up some more rice wine
Somebody just jumped on the line

Robots have run amok on the factory floor
Been 20 years at Sony and I can see 20 more
Hi-tech sex, wireless sets, samurai
Western ways, baseball games, apple pie

Though some will say we imitate
Produce the goods at a cheaper rate
Faster too reduced in size
Our ingenuitys' realised

I had to grab a massage cab
I left my briefcase at the lab
Godzilla ate the bullet train
Won't see Kyoto ever again

Now Papa jumped the gun back in '41
Following the flag of the rising sun
When Tojo did the Mojo, he was downed in flames
U.S. Destroyer and kamikaze plan

The West don't learn from history
Doomed to repeat it endlessly
We put the past on to Fuji
And we erase it totally, yeah

Soon, we'll be known as Great Japan
Just like they do in Great Britain
Spelt microchip and solid state
The things that made this country great


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