Paroles All My Life de Billy Joel

Billy Joel
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  • Chanson: All My Life
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Textes et Paroles de All My Life

All my life
I've searched this whole world through.
Try as I might
To find someone like you.

Years drifted by
But it was always on my mind.
I didn't know just how long I'd go
Until I ran out of time.

All my life
I've hurt the ones who cared.
One by one
No loving heart was spared.

I've been a wild and restless man
But still a man who needs a wife.
That was my dream and now it seems
You've taken all my life.

For as long as I could
My intentions were good.
I assumed my affairs
Would be fine.

But I know very well
There's a long road to hell
That's been paved with
Intentions like mine.

All my life
I've paid for my mistakes.
After a while
The strongest spirit breaks.

I've had heartache and pain
That cut me deeper than a knife.
Ah, but those days are done
'cause you're the one
I've wanted all my life

And I know very well
There's a long road to hell
That's been paved with
Intentions like mine.

All my life
My stars were surely crossed.
Now and then
I missed the love I lost.

But all that changed
The day you said you'd be my wife.
Who could have known
That finding you would only take me
All my life.

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