Paroles Absolution - Part 3: Absolution de Biomechanical

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  • Artiste: Biomechanical32532
  • Chanson: Absolution - Part 3: Absolution
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Textes et Paroles de Absolution - Part 3: Absolution

Come anger
Come hatred
Unleash this fierce final pain

"I can sense danger
The unknown devours my soul in stillness
Contaminated from the traces of lost past
I walk towards my end"

My vision
Has grown to be

No feeling
No meaning
This is my life

Free me
Be me
Oh now release me!

"As silence falls I hold onto the warning
from deep within me"

"I can feel the danger,
I am taken
Through the dark core of my mind...
Images I have never seen"

Inside me
Tormenting through my mind
Energy driving me,
Replacing my soul

Not again
Not again
Keep thrashing at my chains
Live, breath, die


Final stand in my hand
The darkness in my eyes
Live, breath, die

Come again and again
The power builds inside
Light enraptured

Release me!

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