Paroles Brutality de Black Box Recorder

Black Box Recorder
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  • Artiste: Black Box Recorder24714
  • Chanson: Brutality
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Textes et Paroles de Brutality

Whatever happened to the fear of God?
Whatever happened to church on Sundays?
Whatever happened to the velvet glove and the iron fist?

Whatever happened to the social season?
Whatever happened to debutantes?
Whatever happened to the south of France?

Good old fashioned brutality
Everything in its place
Good old fashioned barbarity
Leave the room in disgrace

Whatever happened to drinking and driving?
And doing the decent thing?
Hanging out on the continent, getting over a nervous breakdown?

Close the ranks and remove all traces
Say anything to stay out of jail
What it really boils down to, it always wins, it never fails

Good old fashioned brutality.
Everything in its place.
Good old fashioned barbarity
Leave the room in disgrace

Driving back from a late night party
Took a corner much too fast
Head on collision with the 21st century
Whatever happened to brutality?

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