Paroles Bring On, Bring On de Black Crowes (The)

Black Crowes (The)
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  • Chanson: Bring On, Bring On
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Textes et Paroles de Bring On, Bring On

What could I do different?
It makes one sober to think
In an age of illusion
It's hard to know when to stop
How could I live indifferent
Believing in time and fate
As long as I have a witness
My name is not at stake


Bring on this flowering
Bring on, Bring on
Bring on this flowering
Bring on thou words cannot describe
It's hard waiting for heaven
May your song keep you alive


And on the day I said good-bye
My drowning tear catches a light
Like the gift of sight
The baby's eye, darkness into light
I can rest my soul and
walk in the light
I'm positively spring time
The gift of sight
The baby's eye
Darkness into light

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