Paroles Don't Suck My Breath de Blake Babies

Blake Babies
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  • Artiste: Blake Babies8362
  • Chanson: Don't Suck My Breath
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Textes et Paroles de Don't Suck My Breath

Bless my soul, what's wrong with me?
Everybody hates me.
Take me with a grain of salt.
Everything bad will be my fault.

Angel bright, life and death.
Get off the world.
Don't suck my breath.
Don't suck my breath.

Cloud of doom on my head.
Land on someone else instead.
Your voice is all around.

Come on inside.
Come for a ride.
Do you wanna' die?

No matter, no form, I can't grab on
To me or you or anyone.
I wanna' float back to my friends.
I wanna' come back home again.

Angel bright, life and death.
Why don't you get off the world?

Come on inside.
Come for a ride.
Do you wanna die?

Come on inside.
Come for a ride.
Do you wanna die?

Come on inside.
Come for a ride.
Do you wanna die?

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