Paroles Broken Glass de Blank Theory

Blank Theory
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  • Artiste: Blank Theory24839
  • Chanson: Broken Glass
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Textes et Paroles de Broken Glass

Every day I wake up, the sun rains down on me. But this one feels so different. It's black as day instead. Broken glass, in time I'll pass from here I swear I'm scared. Broken glass in time I'll pass, escapes from quicksand never last, I... I must have done something wrong again. Face the walls and hold him in. It's not how life's supposed to be. I've cried as many years as me. Broken glass and blood red snow, my finger tips are scrapped. Broken glass, in time I'll pass, escapes from quicksand never last. Broken glass, in time I'll pass from here I swear I hate. Broken glass I'm running fast. No more bruised I can't look back I hated.

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