Paroles V-12 Ford de Blazing Haley

Blazing Haley
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  • Chanson: V-12 Ford
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Textes et Paroles de V-12 Ford

Words and Music by Blazing Haley
©1998 blazing haley music


When I'm a drivin' my old Ford truck
gotta cross my fingers just for luck
Cause ya never know quite what's in store
When that 12 cylinder motor starts to roar
The body's a little rough but the motor's real clean
It don't need no paint to be a runnin' machine
It's got moon discs baby and twice-pipes too
Let's go cruisin' baby just me and you


I'm sittin' at the light with my baby at my side
We're ready to make her run, we're ready to ride
Up on my right pulls a '56
Candy apple red man, lookin' pretty slick


But the cat who's drivin' is just a chump
They come every Saturday to try and beat my truck
My baby yells out, "hope ya got some luck"
"Cause you'll need some man to beat this truck"


As the light turns quick from red to green
The tires start to smolder on my low machine
The Chevy takes me from off the line
But look out man, 'cause I'm gonna un-wind


As I hit second gear and the tires bark out
My baby at my side, she screams and shouts
She hoots and hollers, she wants some more
Hold on tight sugar, my foot's to the floor


The ol' Jag sounds great as I'm ready to pass
I'm lookin' to kick that Chevy's ass
My baby's ready for still some more
She loves to hear them lake pipes roar


As we hit third gear man, my-o-my
We flew by that Chevy and passed her by
I slid her into fourth and I'm proud to say
That poor ol' Chevy saw it's final day


I looked at my baby and she started to grin
She loved to ride and she loved to win
My speedo called out, it's a hundred and ten
That ol' Jag screamed back, let's go 'round again


We rocked and rolled to my old truck's beat
I've always been a racer from my head to my feet
Whether it's a haulin' guitars or drums
or havin' a hay ride just for fun
I love that burnin' tire smell
I love that old truck man, I love to raise hell!!


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