Paroles Could Tell A Love de Blessthefall

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  • Artiste: Blessthefall17190
  • Chanson: Could Tell A Love
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Textes et Paroles de Could Tell A Love

Well here go, my big plans.
To build up this fortress into the clouds.
It's made up of my love.
And my heart and my blood, we'll make it out.
Can I stand, with the weight of the world?
Here I stand, with the weight of the world.
And this is all I've got, I'll make it now or not.
It's made up of my love.
I've fought so hard to fade, our lives are meant to make.
That's how it goes, it goes. I won't fall down, my heart still pounds.
I'm breathing now, I won't fall down

(Thanks to zasxdc for these lyrics)

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