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Blind Luck Music
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  • Artiste: Blind Luck Music24902
  • Chanson: Conviction
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Textes et Paroles de Conviction

You wouldn't believe
All the things that cross my mind
All the questions asked
While convictions lies in your eyes
The world may bring you down
But judgment holds you there
With my arms I'm reaching out
But no one seems to care

The conviction you have
Always seems to bring me down
The beliefs I know
You'll always burn them to the ground
With conviction I've lost
The ability to proceed
In the future I know the last one standing won't be me

In a world full of death and disease
My convicted mind will soon be put to ease
A fantasy world designed without despair
Generation of today
No one seems to care

Why am I the only one to see that there's a problem here?
Doesn't take too much to realize the world we live in isn't fair

In a world this filled with hate you must search for the light you'll find inside you

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