Paroles Not Quite Paradise de Bliss 66

Bliss 66
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  • Chanson: Not Quite Paradise
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Textes et Paroles de Not Quite Paradise

Take the path that leads the distance
into the great unknown
no directory assistance
now you're on your own

but if you're lookin for a new world
just open up your eyes

because it's not quite paradise
it sure feels like home
not quite paradise
we can rent to own.
it'll be alright
though it's not quite paradise

tomorrow's an allusion
and yesterday's a dream
today is a solution
but you've gotta let her be
and if you're looking for the answer
it's right before your eyes

although it's not quite paradise
it sure looks like home
not quite paradise
we are not alone
it'll be alright
no it's not quite paradise

somewhere from the edge of time
when the poets die
and the words don't rhyme
I'll call you up and say
we made it ok
somewhere in the back of your mind
when you see your demons come to life
and the world just fades away
you'll know it's ok

it's gonna be ok

but its not quite paradise
it sure feels like home
not quite paradise
we'll make this place our own
not quite paradise
we can rent to own
not quite paradise
we don't have to be alone
not quite paradise
no no

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