Paroles Revelations of My Life de BloodLust

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  • Artiste: BloodLust44248
  • Chanson: Revelations of My Life
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Textes et Paroles de Revelations of My Life

The weeks seem to never change
The nights I can't sleep, and lie awake are longer than I know
These days of neverending pain
Where I slowly lose, and push away all that I've got
When every emotion builds up inside, and all I wanna do is give up
The scars never fade away, blood still seems to flow from broken skin
I'm far from lonely, love can't keep me here anymore
But, my heart stays the same
That love I possess for you, only grows
But like I said, it ain't keeping me here no more
And I can't hold on forever, and I can promise you I'm gonna go
I got this crazy feeling that I'm going insane
And the aftermath is, I don't know...

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