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  • Artiste: BoA4231
  • Chanson: Standby
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Textes et Paroles de Standby

when you go i will be
where you want me to be
if you need me i will
be standing by
by, standing by
you know you make me smile
i hope i can make you smile
if you need a wanring
i will be
standing by
we saw the monsoon
the rain was tumbling
and we danced cos we were
we were laughing
you know
before you
if you need me
we picked flowers in the
morning long time ago
do you remember when
the things you do with your friends
there could be a day when
there could be a day when
i will be there when
there could be a day when
there could be... if you need me i could
be wherever you need me to
see or hear me don't you
catch the light and show you the way
be the one to stop you being afraid
make the trees to where you when you wish
give you everything you need
be the one to hold you when you cry
let you know that you're really wise
make sure that you want to be strong
be here when you need me along
standing by...

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