Paroles K-Machine de Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower
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  • Artiste: Bolt Thrower8301
  • Chanson: K-Machine
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Textes et Paroles de K-Machine

Erasing all known species
Extincion seen
Corrupting with intent
Inhuman kill machine
Superior objectives
Killing fields of continents
Attack the best defence

With duty first, directed by your decree
Bleak world divisional, man the last enemy

Victims on the threshold
Casualties of greed
Dreaming to survive
Mankind now born to breed
Reinforced without belief
Dominance as one
Dictator, sanctify all
Prey to none

With duty first, directed by your decree
Bleak world divisional, man the last enemy

Carnivorous deception
A dark ability
Zero tolerance evolves
Mass fatalities
Arrogant compulsion
Towards a violent end
When you're digging your own grave in ignorance
You alone descend

The last hunter prevails
Overlord - imposing will
Another life, one more to grieve
Status: probable kill confirmed

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