Paroles Don't Let Go de Breaking Point

Breaking Point
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  • Chanson: Don't Let Go
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Textes et Paroles de Don't Let Go

I see the future not the past
i won't let go i'll make this last
i won't give up, i'll find a way
the same old faces haunting me
but i won't let them control me
i'm good enough and i'm strong enough

So don't let go
just hold on tightly
i won't give up until i find a way
i'm at the end of the road
there's no turning back now
i've come too far, i'm only miles away

i'm looking deep inside myself
searching for the one way out
cause i won't let this slip away
so every night i hope and pray
knowing that i'll find a way
i won't give up, no i won't give up


So just look into my eyes
and try to read my mind
explore all the treasures locked in me
so just look into my eyes
then you'd realize
that you're the one who's haunting me


I've come too far
I'm only miles away

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