Paroles Wyld Rose de Brew Dogs

Brew Dogs
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  • Artiste: Brew Dogs25475
  • Chanson: Wyld Rose
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Textes et Paroles de Wyld Rose

What to do? What to do? What to do?
Take a trip, to the Amazon!
Whatcha need? Whatcha need? Whatcha need?
Blew bubbles to Justin Dionne!

I'm a Wyld Rose,
Runnin' through the Amazon fire!
Chris Tucker looked at me,
I seen 'im in a balsam tree.

It's too heavy! It's too heavy! It's too heavy!
Put Soloman on my back!
Chop 'em up! Chop 'em up! Chop 'em up!
Soloman squealed, "Shark attack!"

I'm a Wyld Rose,
Runnin' through the Amazon fire!
Chris Tucker looked at me,
I seen 'im in a balsam tree.

Chris Tucker and King Kong are one and the same.

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