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Brian McKnight
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  • Artiste: Brian McKnight2668
  • Chanson: Stay
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Textes et Paroles de Stay

It's been too long
Since last time I saw your face
You've been keeping it tight and everything
Appears to be in its proper place
We laugh about back in '94
Reminiscing, I hoping for a little old time sake
Can you stay? Can you stay?

1 - Do you want me?
Anything like I want you
Your body's calling
Tell me you can hear it too
I'm still crazy for you
What are we gonna do?
Can you stay? Stay?

The night is young and
A familiar mood fills the air
I bought the wine and
Run my fingers through your hair
My mojo's working, can you feel it?
It's most time to reveal it
Let's fly away
What do you say?

Repeat 1

Don't you worry 'bout a thing girl
Everything's alright, it's alright
See the smile upon my face
We'll be together, together
Let's forget about the past, its yesterday, yesterday
But today is today, stay

Repeat 1 till end

  "Back at one [#2]"

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