Paroles V.I.P. de Bro'Sis

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  • Artiste: Bro'Sis4651
  • Chanson: V.I.P.
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Textes et Paroles de V.I.P.

This is what I like,
I got my money right
I'm iced up and ready to party

So bring it on tonight
I'm gonna play it right
I'm on point to catch me a hotty

If I'm round your way
And you wanna play
You better hit me off on the cellie

The carats twenty-four
And you'll be wantin more
It's top draw cos that's how we do it

If you wanna know
Where it is we're gonna go (Baby)
Well if I tell you now
When we're comin' round
Can you keep it on the D-lo
We're gonna make it hot (real hot)
Girl you gotta show me what ya got (Ooh Yeah)
You gotta play to win
If you're getting in
This party's V.I.P

Are you ready to heat it up
Let's hit the switch and drop the top
So baby come and take a ride with me
We're rolling V.I.P
Hold it down while I turn it up
Let's check the crowd till we hit the spot
Let me take you where you wanna be
We're rolling V.I.P

Now we good to go
So open up the do'
It's passed 2 but we're just beginning

Champagne on ice
A little slice of nice
We be sippin' and then fingerlickin'

If you wanna know
The way I like to flow
Let me tell ya how
We can break it down
Cos you really turn me on
We're gonna keep it hot
Come on baby gimmie all ya got
You gotta play to win
If you wanna get in
This party's V.I.P

Are you ready to…

We all want shopping sprees
We all want V.I.P.
We got just what you need
Listen up
V.I.P. So what's up put ya hands up
Keep it rollin rollin rollin on a S55
What cha all want with that ruffcut
What, sayin what wa what what what (3x)
Got some fat ass jewels and my crazy clothes
Discos I knows who be the pro sos
The seven and the loco bustin up the show ho's
Stylish, funky, Filas wrap our toes so
Tell you something bout that down to earth to earth stuff
Something about whoever's from the block stuff
Runnin around and lickin the ground stuff
Never knowin bout clubbings about stuff
Crusty's running round showin some stuff
Never known when we wantin the off stuff
Well we think we got enough of this bluff stuff
V - V - I - I - P - P
We be posin'

Are you ready to…

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