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Brooke Hogan
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Textes et Paroles de Intro

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We are ready for the world
Cause the world at seen this coming
Brooke Hogan coming
DJ Irie DJ Hollywood man
It's the second time around
We putting the smash on them
This is just for the streets baby
Judgement Day ya'll
Let's go!

Ok yo! this is hulk hogan the greatest of all time
And my little einy weinnie brooke tiny is doing the baddest mixtape around
From the 305 to the 954
This is east coast connection this anit no back door
We are as far east as you can get jack
We got the heals of our tippy tippy toes in the Atlantic ocean
And with stack$ on the tape Brroke Hogan running wild
I anit gonna tell ya what ya gonna do because we got a sneak surprise for you
A mountain of a man too ligit to quit he took jimbo slice in one hand and rick ross
Shook him by his ankles and got all of his chains outta his pocet too ligit to quit
Is on the mixtape too all the bumamaniacas hulkamaniacs brookeamaniacs
Whatcha gonna do?
Brooke Hogan and my main man Stack$ runs wild on you
Spin that thing tell it how it is Brooketiny cause this anit no mini little tape
This is the greatest damn mixtape ever to alive arrive from the 305 brother
So whatcha gonna do?

[DJ Irie:]
Uh Dj Irie baby you already understand me
You already know what I do
But right now you need to listen
You need to understand ay yo Brooky you with me?

[Brooke Hogan:] You know I am

[DJ Irie:] This is the Judgement Day baby

[Brooke Hogan:] Yea

[Dj Irie:] And you know what?

[Brooke Hogan:] what?

[Dj Irie:]
The only way they can have redemption is if they fuckin' with the judgement day

[Brooke Hogan:] Uh yea

[Dj Irie:]
Cause your redemption day is coming july 21st but first Brooke understand me
If they loving you, you gotta love em back
If they fuckin with you, you gotta fuck with em back
And if they hatein on you, we gonna shut em down

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