Paroles Saved de Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams
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  • Artiste: Bryan Adams1646
  • Chanson: Saved
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Textes et Paroles de Saved

Like a message in a bottle - like a ship lost out at sea
i was sending out an SOS - that someone would rescue me

i was slowly goin' under - sinking like a stone
you reached out and showed me
that i wasn't all alone and i was saved

i was saved - i was saved - baby i was saved
love threw out a line
oh i was saved

well you washed me in forgiveness - healed me with your touch
such a beautiful redemption - such a strong and simple love

well I know it wasn't Jesus - that taught me to believe
it was the power of your sweet love
that brought me to my knees - baby i was saved

i was saved - i was saved - i was saved
and love threw out a line and i was saved

like mohammed to the mountain - like a secret to the truth
i was searching for the answers - that i found inside of you
i was saved

i was saved - deep down in my soul - i was saved
i was saved - i was saved
love threw out a line - just in time
love threw out a line - and i was saved

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