Paroles Sweet Rosie Jones de Buck Owens

Buck Owens
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  • Artiste: Buck Owens3370
  • Chanson: Sweet Rosie Jones
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Textes et Paroles de Sweet Rosie Jones

I met her out in Oklahoma
down where the old Red River flows

I vowed my love to her forever
she was my sweet sweet Rosie Jones

We walked alone down by the river
just as the sun was sinking low

And in her eyes I saw big trouble
like the muddy waters down below

Her lips were soft and sweet as honey
her hair was bright as yellow as gold

Her cheeks were red as summer roses she was my sweet sweet Rosie Jones

And then one day a tall dark stranger with hair as black as winter coal

Rode into town as night was falling
and there he met my Rosie Jones

I woke next morning just after sunup
to find a note from my Rosie's hand

And it read I'd rather die than ever hurt you but I'm in love with that tall dark man

So now I walk alone down by the river
where my sweet Rosie used to stroll

And soon I'm gonna join those deep dark waters for I can't live without Rosie Jones

Her lips were soft...

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