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Buckshot & 9th Wonder
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  • Chanson: Food For Thought
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Textes et Paroles de Food For Thought

[Verse 1]
Can I get a piece of bread?
Without somebody in the street tryin to eat what I said
I know I spread words like butter on toast
Cause when ya get it in the morning then ya love it the most
But see it's really the beef I hate
Even though there's a lot of y'all that wanna see my plate
I dedicate time to separate lines
And go bananas when I think about the food for ya mind
And stay away from them rotten apples
When ya fed some get fed and do a lot to get at you
So I match my caliber with my calories
Forty five shots a slice is like can it be
Nawh where you want it breast or thigh
I got a two piece and fries for niggaz like y'all
So why would I pass my plate
When I'm working for a salary to pass my weight

[Verse 2]
Every seeds that grows of food is a show a prove
How I move when I go with the youth
I mean at a show if I flow in the booth
I let it be know you better be grown or don't do it
Hunh many claim to have food for your brain
You can tell when they starving cause they arguments lame
What a shame you see me on the train and kick it
Thought it was sweet with a jook so you ran for your biscuit
But no matter what I can't be stag net
Cause I peep to survive now you need that cabbage
And after that shit everything is gravy
Until the next meal maybe
Shits crazy I pray we see a better day
Cause see all this hunger is making me wonder why you lazy
Why would I pass my plate?
When I'm working for a salary to pass my weight

[Verse 3]
I broke bread wit the real
Still I feel like I can't get a mill
So I gotta build
And I gotta chill from that cook up product
I ain't tryin to get fried in the streets nawh wook paw
Cause if I wasn't eattin I'd be right there
In ya grill to session telling you the reason
Hunh I ain't tryin to pass the plate
Cause I use the food for thought to add to my plate

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