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  • Chanson: This Is The Song Title
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Textes et Paroles de This Is The Song Title

So I have to write some songs, or I'm outta the band
I understand, so let me tell ya?ll my plan
Its hard to write these songs, its takes more than a night
and when I fuckin finish you don?t read wut I write
so tonight I just might write whatever I write
and show you how a song sounds that was wrote in a night
its not about getting fucked up, or rolling on dubs
its about how much it sucks writing songs for BUM RUCKUS

I never claimed to be creative
I never said I was smart
I joined this band to be famous
when did all this fucking homework start

I never know,deep things to say
this song has nowhere to go
but ill keep writing anyway
who chose me to speak for the band I just don?t understand

write another whole verse, man I'm wasting my time
well that's fine, but I cant even think of a rhyme
so I thought way back to a tip that I heard
"if you cant make up rhymes that make up words"
just one more line to fill up time
just like Korn says " I can see I'm going blind"

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