Paroles Decapitated de butt trumpet

butt trumpet
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  • Artiste: butt trumpet11934
  • Chanson: Decapitated
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Textes et Paroles de Decapitated

I am incapacitated
Mentally incarcerated
I would be fucking elated
If I were decapitated
Wanna be decapitated
Thinking's way too complicated
It just makes me irritated
Do you have something serrated
Wanna be decapitated
And I've been real constipated
'Cause my brain is overloaded
It'll be nice to be belated
Wanna be decapitated
And I've been real convoluted
And I've been real agitated
And I've been real aggravated
Wanna be decapitated
Life is just so overrated
My brain is so inundated
My supplements are all chelated
Wanna be decapitated
Wanna be decapitated now, dammit

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