Paroles Cold de Cadaverous Condition

Cadaverous Condition
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  • Artiste: Cadaverous Condition5434
  • Chanson: Cold
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Textes et Paroles de Cold

a streak of black against grey
it feels like sunday everyday
and there is noone left to phone
well, if there ever was someone

it is cold outside
and the snow lights up the night
and I loved you more than life

I had so many plans, many dreams, so much hope
you don't know how I feel, you'll never know
but tell me what can happen now, when things
change fast
tumble down and fall apart, you'll never understand

emptiness to touch, here in black, here in blue
I do nothing else but feeling all the day

and I hold your hand
the stars form elhaz
only I can see it

but you are beside me
and you feel happy, too
and all the sorrows you will bring
lie hidden now

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