Paroles I Am Perfection de Cage 9

Cage 9
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  • Artiste: Cage 912161
  • Chanson: I Am Perfection
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Textes et Paroles de I Am Perfection

I am perfectionPerfectionI am perfectionSo take your best shot,give it all you got,I'll show it allSome things are exactly what they seemI will defy the things you dreamGo check the scores againCall mine a perfect tenThey broke the mold when they made meThey saw perfectionPerfectionThey saw perfectionI am perfectionI hold your life here in my handsThough you try hard to understandYour little mind won't turnThose little wheels will burnYou'll recognize just who I amI am perfectionPerfectionI am perfectionSo take your best shot,give it all you gotBring it onI know it isn't fairI know how hard you tryGive it up now, never gonna work outI'm the definition of perfection, no doubtYou took your best shot, but it's all over nowYou can't teach perfectionThings just come easier to meWhat you work hard for, I get freeWith no excuses made, I got all my dues paidAnd I stand here,so you can seeSo you can see perfectionPerfectionI am perfectionSo bring it onI know it isn't fairI know how hard you tryPerfectionI am perfection

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