Paroles Splendor's Bearer de Canaan

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  • Artiste: Canaan5347
  • Chanson: Splendor's Bearer
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Splendor's Bearer

Pulsing with Splendor,
with Arthat at my side
and Amytaba at my back
and Akshobhya in my heart
I need no wings to fly high
above the misty skies.

With nothing but my bare hands
I shape the dreams of thousands.

With Yataka at my side
and Sakys on my back
and Altan Kahna in my eyes
I crawl and yet disdain the perils.

With nothing but my bare hands, pulsing with Splendor......
I pulverize the columns of Sakyamune.

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