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Cannibal Ox
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  • Chanson: Scream Phoenix
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Textes et Paroles de Scream Phoenix

[Vast Aire]
I know cats are on some shit
But we about to elevate right now
Bout to scream Phoenix. . .

Mega, Allah's stars seen only afar
The physical of ma chosen, my craft is balls
We rebels righteous, and stand and scowl in the heightness
Rep life, graf artists and ghetto writers united
Starvin' with one table and no mic
And still get it on bombin' and flow nice
Spit vomit and throw dice
Taking chances with life trying to get by
And stop all the time trying to get high
Gotta clear mind and stay focused, avoid serpents
And worship life, we like merchants
Street peasants with these lessons
Live, build, and pass away, and keep stressin'
Thinking how we gonna master days
With passion, that's why we rap this way
From Manhattan 115 to 135
We pigeons became phoenix with open mind
To open yours, flow the raw innovative


so when you see me shine light (better scream phoenix)
the god locked in a cell (scream phoenix)
moms can't post bail (you gotta scream phoenix)
Jésus on a crucifix (scream phoenix)
Jésus on a crucifix (scream phoenix)
Jésus on a crucifix

[Vast Aire]

Yo, birds of the same flock together
Congested on a majestic * cuts off * no! no! no!
My feathers and flames are one skin
Hallowed be Thy name in the beginning there was no sin
We in the ninth inning, and I'm God body trying to win
Flying against the wind
But now my shell is weightless and fireproof
But the truth is I'm proof of living fire
I'm not made of organics, not even wires
Just felt my body light up and heard the choir
See to the common fowl the phoenix is Sire
Most high of all things to ever have wings
Existence is struggle, resistance is futile
Meanwhile we now possess the power of ten suns
To transcend and elevate into one
Famine, disease and senseless dieing is done
Pigeon bird got a breath left
Heart beat no more
Phoenix bird morph and we live off the G-force


scream phoenix
the god locked in a cell (scream phoenix)
moms can't post bail (scream phoenix)
Jésus on the crucifix (scream phoenix)

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