Paroles A Horses Tail de Cardiacs

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  • Artiste: Cardiacs12550
  • Chanson: A Horses Tail
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Textes et Paroles de A Horses Tail

Digging to grow bigger
Jim prove himself worthy to a perfect nation
Michael could be the same

Hair by hair he will yang out the vicious horses tail
He will learn from tic-man that he
Always thought he were bleeding glitter to win

Diggin' up grow bigger
Jim prove himself worthy to a perfect nation
Michael could be the same Bletching hard yeah!
Hard into a shaftless mind of swankledged info
Never sucking more than this than power licence
Nice and freely
(Wish I could be the same)

Man stand far away
Looks like a dot standing on his hill

Perserverance, understanding
Climb the stairs and cross the landing
Best to grin and reap

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