Paroles When It's Gone (It's Just Gone) de Carpenters

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  • Artiste: Carpenters2755
  • Chanson: When It's Gone (It's Just Gone)
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Textes et Paroles de When It's Gone (It's Just Gone)

(Randy Handley)

Where's the word for the sadness
Where's the poetry in the pain
Where's the color in the stain where the tears fallen
It's gone, it's just gone.

Where's the method to this madness
As we create the suffering
And we do each other in and we still hold on
But it's gone, it's just gone

He says it's gone
And he can't go on living a memory
Mulling it over endlessly
Whey is that so hear for me to see
He says it's gone
And he can't go on trying to live a lie
And when he cries, I know it's over
But I may never know why.

There's no face in the locket
There's no play for the past
I'll put it back in my pocket
It was never meant to last
It's just gone.

(repeat bridge)

There's no word for the sadness
There's no poetry in the pain
There's no color in the stain where the tears have fallen
It's gone, it's just gone
It's gone, it's just gone
Well, it's gone.

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