Paroles Chicago de Cash Harrison

Cash Harrison
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  • Artiste: Cash Harrison50582
  • Chanson: Chicago
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Textes et Paroles de Chicago

I used to know a girl from Chicago
The only one to break my hard, hard heart.
So if you see that girl from Chicago
Tell her not to go to far

Cause im not coming home tonight
Ive got a lake to swim across
And when i get i can finally hold her hand
If i dont make it, if i fail
Then youll hear the fairy tale
Of the broken boy trying to be a man

I used to know a girl from Chicago
Shes got the pieces to my hard, hard heart
I wish I could see this girl from Chicago
But shes run away too far

So im not coming tonight
Ive got some states to race across
And when she sees me she can give me back my hard, hard heart
If i dont make it, if i fall
Ill go down, no one will tell
Ill just stay here in the cover of the dark

I used to know a girl from Chicago
She used to live too far away
But now shes so close i can hold her
And i think shes here to stay

So im not going out tonight
Im so sick of running around
And now ive got my heart and the girl is here to stay
Never once was there a man
Who hatched up a plan
To get the girl of his dreams to say

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