Paroles Disorder To Keep (Part II) de Castrum (ukraine)

Castrum (ukraine)
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  • Artiste: Castrum (ukraine)9310
  • Chanson: Disorder To Keep (Part II)
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Textes et Paroles de Disorder To Keep (Part II)

Zines of memories, when portrayed
Years of regressive progress, so delayed

Xenophobic state of mind until now preserved
Wells turn into hollow caves not reserved
Vultures of soul dream, but don't sleep
Under the thin roof of awareness, not deep

Tremble not before an act of just forgiveness
Supervision to all dogmas and 'stillness'!
Ravishing chaos I expect to be proceeded
Quietness rendered in time when it's needed

Post-mortem of sequence
Odium implies to everyday frequent
Nakedness of the scars in cerebration
Mutilates the truth before its narration

Load up your mind, accept the annoyance
Fill every soul gap with ignorance,
When you fight, you can loose
Insist, continue the abuse

Enjoy your pornographic dreams
Abandon all control,
Hold on to degeneration
Increase the death-toll

Limp will exists not in quarrelling
Knell sounds for intellect' yelling
Jollities through ineffable sorrows
Infidelity from seduction to borrow

Hunting down all superstitions with ferocity
Ground for calmness and morality is atrocity
Fancied were the eyes of shallow soul
Encountering the significance of envy's ghoul

Death, purgatory, decision, renovation
Crowning, acting, mistake, obliteration
Betrayal of promulgated words they feed
Astonishment, not disappointment, caused by greed...

We destroy your heavens
Harming the image of pure,
We rape the hope for balance
From force there is no cure

Impertinence as a rule
We go towards death,
Smiling to its bony face
We ride the world disorder

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