Paroles I Love Them All de Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens
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  • Artiste: Cat Stevens3532
  • Chanson: I Love Them All
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Textes et Paroles de I Love Them All

While lookin' into my drawer only yesterday
you know, the things that I saw made me cry
I saw the pictures and letters,
I should have known better
than to try to deny

I love them all
I love them all
and if they came again
I'd do the same again
'cause I'm that kind of a guy

And as I walked through the park where we used to play
you know, the bench and the tree are still there
And the pictures that you did,
why am I so stupid?
They wont ever disappear

I love them all
I love them all
and if they came again
I'd do the same again
'cause I'm that kind of a guy

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