Paroles We Got The Love de Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan
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  • Artiste: Chaka Khan3731
  • Chanson: We Got The Love
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Textes et Paroles de We Got The Love

You know it hurts me
When I can't be next to you
And though we're young I know
You feel the same way, too
Deep in our hearts we know
It's just a matter of time
'Cause we'll be together one day

And when we met
Out on the streets along the way
It wasn't by chance that we
Were passing by that day
As sure as there's a moon
And stars above I know
We'll be together for sure

As sure as that nose on your face
We were meant for each other's arms
Just as one and one make two
You were made for me
I was made for you (boy)
Don't try to hide that smile
I know that's on your face
And when you stare (look) at me
I'll look the other way
And we won't give away
What we know from the start
That we've got that love in our hearts

Deep in our hearts
In our hearts we've got that love
In our hearts we've got that love
In our hearts we've got that love
Oh deep down in our hearts
We've got that love
Oh we're very into lovin', yeah
Oh that love in our hearts
We've got that love in our hearts
Oh baby, we've got that love

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