Paroles N Luv Wit My Money de Chamillionaire

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  • Artiste: Chamillionaire6859
  • Chanson: N Luv Wit My Money
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Textes et Paroles de N Luv Wit My Money

Ha-ha-ha-ha, right now you listening
To the greatest show on earth my nigga
Ha-ha, Chamillitary mayn

[Intro - 2x]
Oh yeah, still in love with my money yeah
If the world was sucka free
It would be just me, and my money next to me

Make that money mayn, watch the jealousy it shows
Watch your homies turn to traitors, your friends'll turn foes
Really can't complain, cause I'm making that do'
Even though I see some haters, just let 'em all know
I'm still in love with my do', (I'm still in love with my do')
I know you hate it (oh yeah), I know you hate it (oh yeah)
They hate when you're successful, (they hate when you're successful)
I know you hate it (oh yeah), I know you hate it (oh yeah)
I'm still in love with my do'

I'm still squeezing grain, through the drama some things done changed
All my homies got rearranged, nothing changed about me but change
So bring the change but you can leave the laim, Chamillitary nigga see the chain
Pointing fingers like we to blame, cause gimic rappers gotta leave the game
Yes ma'am gotta get grands, eliminate niggaz in the way of my plans
All the real fans staying my fans, realized I was in the way of my damn self
I'm the truth, I got ghetto to ghetto jamming it
Get the respect that Cham can get, then you can say I am the shit
A lot of niggaz be talking big, but they out there lying about they life
But then they'd end up getting exposed, like they weren't lying about it right
Picture me crying about a price, I'm rich ain't crying about a flight
I get respect in every city, that I'm flying up out at night
Now I'm the biggest seller, you can tell I make a profit
Bracelet looking yella, and you'll never ever stop it
Put yellow in the bezel, get your bread up try and cop it
Instead of a vendetta, just do better try and top it


No mo' swangas and vogues B
I'm on to larger things, (on to larger things mm-hmm)
Still the same, but the safe changed
That's just a part of the game, (just a part of the game mm-hmm)
You can't complain, cause it comes with fame
You gotta charge it to the game, (gotta charge it to the game mm-hmm)
But I'll be damned, if I don't do my thang
And make 'em all feel the pain, (make 'em all feel the pain mm-hmm)
Hol' up hold up a second no, they faking and had the do'
They fake as the Phantom Rolls, they claiming to having flows
They claim it don't have it though, they aching and mad to know
They saying that Cham'll blow, they hating and nan a show
Faggots and slamming cabinets, mad at me cause I'm grabbing it
Mad at me cause I'm slabbing it, candy paint it then Davin it
(Damn it then how you handle it), I handle it how I handle it
Mad at me cause I'm having it, while they only imagine it
I'm hearing these rappers talking, but I'm not even a fan of it
Even if the whole planet, and thousand of suckas jamming it
You can speak what you speaking, like I won't speak up and challenge it
Handle up in my hand to get, pointed like I demand respect
You standing on ya own two feet, them haters never caught you
They getting it how you getting it, you still getting it when they start to
They ain't living it how you living it, won't admit it they just gon argue
Cause you getting paid in full, while they still getting paid it costs you


At a time when it's all eyes on me, all I can do is be me
A nigga, that ain't never scared to say what he see
A hundred percent realer, than you will ever be
Ha-ha, Chamillitary mayn

(Thanks to janet for these lyrics)

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