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Chanté Moore
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  • Chanson: I cry to myself
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Textes et Paroles de I cry to myself

this smile on my face, it shows everyday
so no one ever really knows how I really feel
am I really happy?
there's things on my mind, cant talk about it
sometimes who can I tell what I'm going through
when I'm feeling sorry

I cry to myself, when no one else is listening
I cry to myself, cause no one else is crying for me

I'll tell you I'm fine but deep inside I'm dying
when I'm all alone no one sees when the lights go down
I cry every night, suffer in silence
no I cant deny, this pain is real but I keep trying

repeat 2- with adlibs

4 with adlibs-
does anyone care how I feel?
every day I'm smiling to hide what is real
this pain I have inside of me
is tearing my whole life apart

repeat 2- with adlibs

  "This moment is mine [#5]"

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