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Chanté Moore
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  • Chanson: Soul dance
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Textes et Paroles de Soul dance

No words,
just dance with me.

Time to confess, what I feel inside me chest,
when my heart keeps beating rhythms to your name, yeah.
So intoxicating is the music we're creating,
I can feel my body givin' in.

I can feel my soul dance,
walking in rhyme,
I can feel my soul dance (doin' a soul dance),
walkin' in rhyme.

Clear is the vision like it was in the beginning,
I'm tearin' down the wall in front of me (tearin' down the wall in front of me).
I'm baring my all just to be at your back and call,
'cause this how exposed a love should be.

When I can feel my soul dance, ah, ah,
walking in rhyme,
when I can feel my soul dance (doin' a soul dance),
walkin' in rhyme.

Feelin' (feelin') a melody of my own (wanna share it with you),
feelin' (what you're feelin'), what we're feelin' (what you're feelin')
can't be wrong,
in a song that is sung in my soul,
hey, walkin' in rhyme,
I can feel my soul dance (doin' a soul dance),
walkin' in rhyme.

I can feel my soul dancin', I can feel my soul movin',
I can feel my soul groovin' to the rhythm that is beating out your name,
just dancin', walkin' in rhyme,
doin' a soul dance.

My heart is the rhythm,
your love is the vibe,
close your eyes,
feel my soul,
dance with me.


  "Love supreme [#13]"

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