Paroles F/C/D/C de Chaosbreed

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  • Artiste: Chaosbreed9327
  • Chanson: F/C/D/C
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Textes et Paroles de F/C/D/C

(Freedom Chrush Death Corps)

Last Remains of a dying reign
Falling any day
Mass destruction endless pain
Freedom strikes again!

Here come the angels of death
Retaliate! Here comes your death
The world is saved again

Master plan decapitation. Heads will roll today
Humiliation of all other nations
Heroes lead the way

Here come the angels of death. Commiserate!
Here comes your death. The world is safe again

Bodies burning in a lifeless pile
Chaos breeds across the land
Now the monkeys are running out of zoos
The Promised Land is free again

White Man's Burden

Manifest Destiny!!!

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