Paroles Tony Victory Knows How To Party de Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson
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  • Artiste: Charles Bronson13430
  • Chanson: Tony Victory Knows How To Party
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Textes et Paroles de Tony Victory Knows How To Party

The monster has been spawned
and now it's ready for some serious moshing in the pit
cuz it's ONLY THE STRONG allowed for an EVEN SCORE with me
in an embroidered STRIFE hat and a DOUGHNUTS longsleeve.
Gee thanks for showing me what hardcore is all about.
Please kick my ass, oh pretty please kick my ass.
Cuz this monster makes me yawn ever since soapy jack
got caught with his pants down he ate up every poser metal jock
and shit them out on our scene
which doesn't sound like supporting independent hardcore to me
but thanks for marketing this fashion symbol drawn on my hand

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