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Charm Farm
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  • Chanson: Sick
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Textes et Paroles de Sick

This is not the way I wanted to say goodbye and
This is not the way I wanted it to end.
Here I see your eyes closed forever now
Maybe you're the lucky one who got to go

This is not the way I think the world should be
Young men dying, fighting in the street
Blind me, blind me, it's really just as well,
'Cause I think that this whole place,
Is going straight to hell
The whole world is sick. Dying, dying dead.
The whole world is sick.
I could shoot myself in the head
The whole world is sick...

I'm feeling kind of lost, I know that you are, too -
The whole world is killing itself and there's nothing that we can do.
So tell me where is jesus, tell me where's his word?
Killing in the name of the things that he said,
that no one ever heard.

The whole world is sick, and I don't want to stay
The whole world is sick, I've got to get away
The whole world is sick, I'm gonna leave you all today
The whole world it sick, my heroes never stayed, so why should I?

This needle is my enemy, so often been my friend
Giving me a life of ecstasy, I gotta put it to an end.
I really wish I could help myself,
Cleanse me of my wrongs
But I never really loved my life,
And I've written my last song.

I never knew I was sick, and I've just got to go
You see I really was sick, but I want you all to know
That I really was sick, and I loved my wife and kid,
But I really was sick, and I'm sorry for what I did
The whole world is sick...

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