Paroles Show Me The Way de Chicago

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  • Artiste: Chicago2725
  • Chanson: Show Me The Way
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Textes et Paroles de Show Me The Way

Flying so high
Feeling so low
Fill my empty heart
Don't say no
Can I get through this night, with some lovin' to show
Won't you show me the way to go--I don't know
Won't you open your eyes
I know you really care
You see these games you play
They're just not fair
After all the good times and secrets we've shared
Won't you show me the way to go--I don't know
I wanna take my place
I wanna take my place
I wanna take my place with the loved ones
Well I still can't see how things were meant to be
Love me even for one day I'll treat you like a lady
In my heart you'll stay forever you know
Won't you show me the way to go--I don't know
Marching into your heart
Marching into your heart

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