Paroles Runnin' Out de Chickenfoot

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  • Artiste: Chickenfoot45907
  • Chanson: Runnin' Out
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Textes et Paroles de Runnin' Out

Oh well, a standing question
One more time again, yeah
Looking for a mass solution
Counting on another man, well

Well, duck down, I'm taking cover
Everything's been getting rougher
Stand up or be degraded
Some things are simply overrated

(Runnin' out) We're runnin' out of time
(Runnin' out) Runnin' out of gas
(Runnin' out) Runnin' out of love, baby
Runnin' out, runnin' out, runnin' out, yeah

Give me something to believe in
Outside your consensus poll
And make sure our children hear voices
Someday they have control

(Runnin' out) Now we're runnnin' out of money
(Runnin' out) Runnin' out of dreams
(Runnin' out) Runnin' out of sex, baby
Runnin' out, runnin' out, runnin' out

(Runnin' out) We're runnnin' out of future
(Runnin' out) Runnin' out of plans
(Runnin' out) We're runnin' out of soldiers
Runnin' out, runnin' out, runnin' out

Oh yeah, I'm runnin' on empty
I'm running out fast
And I just gotta, gotta, gotta have it
Oh yeah

Long after the mud has settled
You left us with a dirty man, hey
Trying to wash hisself clean
Trying to get blood off his hands

(Runnin' out) We're runnin' out of cures
(Runnin' out) Runnin' out of room, baby
(Runnin' out) I'm runninng out of content
Runnin' out, runnin' out, runnin' out

(Runnin' out) We're runnin' out of saints
(Runnin' out) Runnin' out of heroes
(Runnin' out) Runnin' out of drugs
Runnin' out, runnin' out, runnin' out, oh yeah

You know that we need it, yeah

(Thanks to Alessandro for these lyrics)

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