Paroles S.E.W. de Chokehold

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  • Artiste: Chokehold28754
  • Chanson: S.E.W.
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Textes et Paroles de S.E.W.

Sleep, eat work, die with nothing
All security has been diminished
Overpopulated for more rats in the race
Less than nothing when it's all finished
Slit each others throat to get one step ahead
That's the way they made this system
And if they don't fit the part, lower class slaves
Then they have ways to fucking kill them

Diminished rights, lower wages
A million jobs for $4.50 an hour
Placing addictions on every corner
Stripping our dignity and self power
When will we ever have control
Have enough to feed, be secure
Rise up and take it back
We are not machines, not to be shut off
Not to be used for what you thing it's worth
We make your economy go around
And things better fucking change
Thing better fucking change!!!

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